Then I decide to be quiet instead of explaining what I actually wanted to say.

cat owner: hears noise from the next room over
cat owner: i don't know what you're doing, but i know that you should stop



Does anyone else remember when American Dragon randomly changed its art style?



this actually pissed me off so much


Serebii just tweeted that Junichi Masuda confirmed in USGamer that Trainer Customisation is not in ORAS

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Pokemon ORAS demo October 21 in North America ⊟

Warning: to get the “Special Demo Version” and battle Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert, you have to go to Pokemon.com and set up a Trainer Club Account by October 19, then get a code out of the newsletter. I know. There’ll be “other methods” but those haven’t been announced yet, and so far do not include just downloading it from the eShop like a normal person.

Other news: more Mega Pokes! Latios, Latias, Pidgeot, and Beedrill! New trailer (above!)

PREORDER Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, upcoming games
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